Supply complete sets of equipments for electro plating and chemical plating continuous production lline,such as various PP tank 、PVDF tank 、PVC tank and Stainless steel tank (Plating tank / Electrolysis / Oxidation Tank / Chemical tank), Washing operating tank (hot water washing, high pressure washing, thermal cycling washing, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.), Electrolytic pickling (Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid) tank and so on.
Plating device
Hot-dip galvanizing furnace
Hot-dip galvanizing furnace

PP tank 、PVDF tank 、PVC tank

Stainless steel tank

Water-Washing equipment
Hot-dip galvanizing furnace
Water-sealed acid tank
At the same time, we can provide High Frequency Power, Ultrasonic Cleaning machine, filter machine, Centrifuge machine、Industrial pure water machine, Waste water or Waste gas treatment equipments, dry equipments,etc
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