Wire flattening mill machine
Be suitable for cold-rolling and flating for steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, nonferrous metal and other metal wires.
Can be used in the former flating process for producing Brass zipper flat yarn,、Packaging nail flat yarn、drawing copper flat wire.
Can also be suitable for cold rolling of other special wire though cutting a groove on surface of the rolls.

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Main technical parameter:
We can manufactured special non-strandard Wire flattening mill machine to meet your special needs.

Features of equipments:
Automatic, Once-forming.
Easy to operate and maitain,High quality,Reliable operation.
Rolling with high precision. Using cemented carbide as the roller material. With mechanical decelerate equipment.
High efficiency, Energy-save, Greatly reduce the production costs.
High performance, high reliability and security.Low costs.
Advanced PLC control , highly automated and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Our Services:
Supply and manufacture advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonably priced equipments and provide the best services;
According to clients' drawings or special requirements,design and manufacture the standard or non-standard Wire flattening mill machine.
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