Uses: Applicable to various lubrication technology in the drawing process of all kinds of high / medium / low carbon steel wire,various wire drawing machines and high-speed wire drawing process lubrication, mechanical descaling, borax, line, phosphate processing, the initial pull and fine drawing of various steel wire, Wire re-drawing after Copper, Zinc galvanized, nickel-plated , quench ,etc.....>>More
Products: Supply three big kinds of brightener (zinc, copper and nickel ).
With reasonable price, reliable quality, stable performance, our brightener are widely used in electroplating and electroless plating industry......>>More
Bonderite used for wire drawing
Uses: Be applicable to the phosphate treatment before steel wire-drawing, remove the oxide on the surface, reduce friction, help lubrication, reduce the drawing force, improve the surface quality and die life. Finally To enhance efficiency and get more economic benefits......>>More
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