Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
Specification: LZ-250/ 350/ 400/ 450/ 500/ 560/ 600/ 700/ 750/ 800/ 900/ 1200
Description of Straight Line wire drawing machine
The series of straight line wire drawing machine supplied by us are suitable for drawing the following mental wire whose diameter are less than Ф16mm,
Various high, medium, low carbon steel wire for different uses,including Spring steel wire, Steel wire for making rope, Steel cord, Bead wire, Hose wire, Gas shielded welding wire, Flux-cored wire, Aluminum clad steel wire, Copper wire, Prestressed concrete wire(P.C.wire), Low relaxation PC steel wire, Steel wire for umbrella ribs, Nail wire, Stainless steel wire and other non-ferrous wire.

Main specifications and parameter:
Note: No. of drafts and Capstan diameter can be customized according to user requirements. 
The above parameter is for reference only, the specific goods subject to contract.

Features of equipments:
The series of wire drawing machine are developed on the foundation of introducing, fully digesting and absorbing European and American advanced technology.
They have good performance. Simple and Safe to operate and maintain. Beautiful construction
Effectively reduce the torsion during the wire-drawing process, and improve the quality of the product.
High efficiency,Energy-saving, Greatly reduce the production costs.
Advanced PLC control , highly automated and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Features of Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine:
Advanced electronic Control System. High degreeautomatization,High performance, high reliability and security.
High-speed, High efficiency, Low cost, Energy-saving, Easy to operate and maintain, Strong adaptability.
High degree automatization according to customers' demands.

Our Services:
Supply and manufacture advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonably priced equipments and provide the best services;
According to clients' drawings or special requirements,design and manufacture the standard or non-standard Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine (unit).
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