Shanghai T&F Internatinonal are always keeping a close watch on the development trends of the international and domestic mental products industry and the trends of related technology of production line and operating line. We have made the most of our own advanced technology and rich experiences, took the clients' demand and the success of our clients as orientation to provide clients with tailored solutions, sustainable technical support and satisfactory "professional, whole, one-stop" service.


The solutions for projects :

We undertake the following projects, and manufacture the related complete sets of equipments,
1. Pre-treatment production line for steel wire or wire rod (including professional cleaning line for the surface of steel wire)
2. Steel wire Heat treatment line
3. Electroplating production line for Zinc and copper plating
4. Continuous chemical plating production line for Tin bronze plating and galvanizing
5. Medium frequency induction furnace melting metal
6. Undertake the prodction line for producing the following products,
-- Steel wire for Transport belt, tire bead wire, High-pressure hose wire,Steel cord,Gas shielded welding wire, Staples, Spring steel wire,Steel rope,etc.
7. Provide the services of updating and improving technique for enterprises' old production line,and theturn-key projects of techn-ology software for production process contr-ol, quality control, etc.

Shanghai T&F Internatinonal have professional high efficiency teams for designing, researching, manufacturing and service. According to customers'  needs, we can provide customers with the "professional,whole,one-stop" service, including project designing, equipments manufacturing, installation guide, necessary training, etc.

Shanghai T&F Internatinonal has the wold's advanced technology and abundant experience in the projects of production line and operating line. If you plan to invest in these areas, or have any inquiry, or want to know more information, please feel free to contact us. Our engineers and staff will deal with your inquiry  and work out the appropriate solutions for you. We strive to provide you with the most satisfactory products and "one-stop" services.


Complete sets of equipment and customized non-standard equipment:

Shanghai T&F Internatinonal is specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling complete sets of equipments and customized non-standard equipments for the following production lines,
Pre-treatment production line for steel wire or wire rod (include professional cleaning operating line for the surface of steel wire), Steel wire Heat treatment operating line, Continuous electroplating production line for Zinc and copper plating, Continuous chemical plating production line for Tin bronze plating and galvanizing, The production line for making steel rope; Other kinds of steel wire for different use (include Gas shielded welding wire), and Medium frequency induction furnace Melting metal, etc.

We have advanced manufacturing factory andresearching teams composed of many engineerings and technical staff who have profeesional knowledge and rich experience. At the same time, we have cooperated with many international and domestic experts, and introduced, digested, absorbed the European and American advanced technoloy. According to market demand, we have developed various good professional equipments which are recognized as a highly efficiency, energy-saving, enviromental, , easy and safe to oprate and maintain, high degree of automation,etc. Our complete sets of equipment, machines for processing metal products,and electrical control system are wery popular in international markets and have received highly praise and recognition from the customers.

To reduce clients' times and costs spent on purchasing, our company help clients choose the most suitable equipments to meet the demand, and provide related technical services and supports.

In addition, we can also design and manufacture new products and new equipments for customers according to their drawings, samples or special needs..


The solutions for other demand:

According to market demand, Shanghai T&F Internatinonal make the most of our unique rich resources to provide the business services as international purchasing Agent , distribution agent, import and export agent and partners for other business cooperation. After uderstnding your needs, our teams would work out the satisfactory solutions to solve your questions.

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