Stranding Machine series
Description of Stranding Machine
Be mainly applied to twisting high-carbon steel wire , steel cord,etc.

Main skill parameter:
1.Processed materials:High carbon brass-plated steel wire, High carbon galvanized steel wire, Galvanized steel wire, Steel cord,etc.
2.Single-wire diameter: Φ 0.15-0.38mm
3.Largest rope diameter: Φ3.0m
4.The maximum number of twist: 11000 per minute
5.Speed control: Energy-saving convernor motors
6.Electrical control : PLC control ,multi-purpose auto protector
7.Cordconstruction:1+2,2+2,2+3,2+7,3+6,3+9,1X2,1X3,1X4,1x6,1X7,1x12,3×4,1×19,3x4,3×7,4X4,6X7,7X7,1X3HT, 1X40C,2+2HT,2×2×0.25,2+2×0.28,2+2×0.3HT,1×3×0.3,1×4×0.25C,1×4×0.22,etc.
Note: The above parameter is for reference only, the specific goods subject to contract.
We can manufactured special non-strandard Stranding machine to meet your special needs.

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Features of Stranding machine:
Advanced electronic Control System. High performance, high reliability and security.
High-speed, High efficiency, Low cost, Energy-saving, Easy to operate and maintain, Strong adaptability.
Advanced PLC control , highly automated and convenient for operation and maintenance.

Our Services:
Supply and manufacture advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonably priced equipments and provide the best services;
According to clients' drawings or special requirements,design and manufacture the standard or non-standard stranding machine.
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