Tin bronze-plated Bead wire production line
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  • 1.Advanced technology, excellent quality, high efficiency, economically and environmentally. The level of lines has reached international standards.
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tin bronze plating line
tin bronze plating lines
Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line
Uses:Mainly used for Chemically Plating Bronze on Tempered Bead Wire(DVmax = 500 mm m/min).
Main process of Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line:
Pay-off → Tempering lead pot → Cooling→ Electrolytic pickling → Water washing → Tin bronze-plated → Water washing → Alkali washing → Water washing → Hot water washing → Drying →Coating →Take-up
The layout of main equipments:
Tin bronze coating line
Note:1.The above pictures is for reference only. We can design and manufacture the most suitable production line to meet clients' requirements.
2.Please contact us for other more information, as the working speed, the distance between two wires, the layout of different equipments, the way of wire moving, control methods, washing methods,temperature measurement, heating methods...etc.
Technical Features:
Advanced technology, Excellent quality, High efficiency.
Competitive price, Easy operation and maintenance.
Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small floor space required.
Related equipments:
Wire take-up and pay-off machines,Tempering lead pot, Electrolyzing acid washing tank, Plating tank , Cold Water Washing tank, Hot water washing tank, Drying unit ,Spool...etc.
Our techonlogy:
1. Our company have successfully designed and manufactured many Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line for tyre. The performance and efficiency is great. All the lines are popular in customers.
2. The technology is up to the international level. We can complete the design, manufacturing, installation guide, technical support and necessary training to meet your different requirements and make more business value for you.
3. In addition, we can provide the services of updating and improving technique for clients' old production line, and the turn-key projects of technology software for production process control, quality control, etc.
Successful experience / Markets:
We have abundant successful experience in the production line of producing tyre bead wire.
The lines are up to the international level. Our lines and related complete equipments are popular in customers and have been exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, ,the Middle East,Russia, India, Indonesia…
Our services:
We are always providing customers with not only the excellent solutions of steel wire production line, best related equipments and perfect services but also free technical services on the steel wire productin line.
If you have any questions in the process of producing tyre bead wire , or about Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line , you can tell us at any time.Our engineers will do our best to help you solve the questions
Contact us:
Welcome to visit our factory and Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line which have been successfully manufactured by us.
If you have any questions, or want to know more information, please feel free to contact us. Our solutions and quotation will be sent to you soon according to your special requirements.
Pay-off units
Take up unit
Pay-off and Take-up units for Tempering tin bronze-plated bead wire production line
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